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Add different types of turrets.

I also see in the cutscene where the Star Destroyer explodes, features you blew up are back. Pls fix that.

There should also be a hangar on the underside of the Star Destroyer.

There should also be a tractor beam array (Imperial I) or communications array (Imperial II) on the command bridge. 

Add texture to X-Wing and Tie Fighters.

Maybe add a Y-Wing as bonus?

Here is some reference.

Otherwise, good work! I love Star Wars.

P.S I destroyed the Star Destroyer!

Sorry for repeated words.


Hello Godot!  :)


I destroyed the star destroyer!!!


i cant see any thing but the logo at the begining? i tryed installing and that didin't help

What OS are you on?  You should just need extract the files from the zip and run.  

windows 10


Color me impressed

Thanks for playing!  It's not my most creative but I'm getting better at making these things :)


I think it's quite good

very fun. i reccomend adding a crosshair or something so that aiming is kinda easier. i also found myself getting lost quite a bit so maybe a simple beacon or something to show where the star destroyer is. thanks! great game!

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Thanks for playing-- and good feedback!  There's 10 hours left... lets see if I can get one or both of those into the game :)

edit: I didn't, lol.  oh well 

that's okay. still fun!