A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I am not affilliated with DISNEY, LUCASARTS, LUCASFILM or STARWARS.  This is a project made for fun, inspired by the movies.  I do not own any of the designs or ideas contained within, everything was recreated from scratch, with love, for educational purposes, and the game is released 100% non-commercially.  Please do not sue me or send me a takedown request.  Thank you for understanding.

So this is my game for MovieGameJam.  It might be the most gamey game I've made.  It is inspired by the movies of course, and very much the OG Rogue Squadron game, which I had on PC back in the day.  Please enjoy.  If you have complaints about any star wars inaccuracies, please direct those to notarealemail@internet.biz

Take on a Star Destroyer by yourself in your trusty X-Wing.  Can you do it (without targeting systems, of course!)?

pre-deadline update: added controller support

tiny update 2: fixed deadzones

Keyboard / Mouse controls:

Mouse : Pilot/Steer/Aim

Left Click : Fire

W / S : throttle up / down

Q / E : dodge-roll left/right

A / D: tilt left/right


ESC:  quit

F1 toggles fullscreen

TAB: frees mouse (the game locks the mouse in, this toggles the lock on/off)


Controller Controls (xbox 360 controller for simplicity)

Right Stick: Pilot/Steer/Aim

R2: Fire

Left Stick Up / Down: Throttle up / down

L1, R1: dodge-roll left/right

Left Stick left / right: tilt left / right


select : toggles fullscreen

NEW!  VR version added.  Played seated with a traditional controller.  May have issues (please let me know!)


additonal asset credits:

Timbre - "ominous bassy rumble drone.flac"


X-Wing vs Windows 18 MB
X-Wing vs OSX 32 MB
X-Wing vs Linux 19 MB
X-Wing vs SteamVR (NEW! help me test this :p) 18 MB

Install instructions

extract & play :)

Development log


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I'm playing the Linux version. It works well, but why can't I play whith a simple usb joystick ?

does this work on htc vive?

does anyone know how to launch in vr it doesnt seem to work out of the box for me?


which headset have you got?  I only have a WMR headset so that's all I've been able to test it on unfortunately

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I am also using a WMR headset an HP reverb

Edit I have the Mixed reality portal and SteamVR open but when I launch the game it doesnt display in the headset

I have confirmed I am using the right download too


Huh, to be honest I'm pretty clueless about VR development and released the VR version as a fun test to see what godot could do using the OpenXR format.  It works on my Acer HMD, but to be honest it's not like it's a great game or anything, so you aren't missing much!  This project is also not in continued development unfortunately.  Sorry I can't be more helpful!

No worries I just wanted to make sure It wasnt a silly error on my part I played it in flat screen after my original comment anyways.

I understand this was just for a game jam right it pretty good for limited time you had.

Anyways thanks for responding I appreciate it!

Add different types of turrets.

I also see in the cutscene where the Star Destroyer explodes, features you blew up are back. Pls fix that.

There should also be a hangar on the underside of the Star Destroyer.

There should also be a tractor beam array (Imperial I) or communications array (Imperial II) on the command bridge. 

Add texture to X-Wing and Tie Fighters.

Maybe add a Y-Wing as bonus?

Here is some reference.


Otherwise, good work! I love Star Wars.

P.S I destroyed the Star Destroyer!

Sorry for repeated words.


Hello Godot!  :)


I destroyed the star destroyer!!!


i cant see any thing but the logo at the begining? i tryed installing and that didin't help

What OS are you on?  You should just need extract the files from the zip and run.  

windows 10

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Thanks for playing!  It's not my most creative but I'm getting better at making these things :)

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very fun. i reccomend adding a crosshair or something so that aiming is kinda easier. i also found myself getting lost quite a bit so maybe a simple beacon or something to show where the star destroyer is. thanks! great game!

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Thanks for playing-- and good feedback!  There's 10 hours left... lets see if I can get one or both of those into the game :)

edit: I didn't, lol.  oh well 

that's okay. still fun!