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'long lost' waluigi game from NES era

This is my submission to the NES jam!  Made with NES color palette & NES resolution.  within 1 week.  code / art / etc was by me, the music / sounds by Bond Miller.


You play as Waluigi traveling around in his mech suit, causing chaos while looking for treasure.  He fights anyone/anything and has no friends.  This is his adventure. 

Controls:  These are the keyboard controls, it can also be played w/ a controller

left / right arrowkeys move Waluigi

up / down arrowkeys move Walugi's mech between high/medium/low position.  this is useful for hitting high up enemies, etc.

Z  is Jump

X is Punch

--OBVIOUSLY this is not a real Nintendo game, please don't sue me Nintendo!--


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SuperWaluigi3_OSX.zip 29 MB
SuperWaluigi3.zip 15 MB
superwaluigi3_linux.zip 19 MB


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I know this game is kind of a joke, but the mechanics are also legitimately intersting!


i spent 5 minutes of my life on this and didnt regret it




Made a video

Haven't you been sued yet? lol 

This game feels a little incomplete. In my opinion,  it needs about 2 or 3 more levels and an actual ending screen other than "WAH! THAT'S IT!", but other than that, it's a really good game! Good gameplay, good music, etc. I'd like an extended version though.


Fair!  It was made in pretty limited time and was a big learning experience for me.  Thanks for the feedback :)

No problem. Maybe if you could add one more level and change the ending screen, then it'd feel more complete. Just saying.

Wait there was a Waluigi 1!!!!

I wish