A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

this man dreams of hotdogs -- play as him, enter your dreams

a short 3d game made in 72 hrs


*I suggest playing with a controller, but mouse/keyboard is supported *

asset credits:
Da Huan - Mouthfeel http://mouthfeel.bandcamp.com
naked man & suburban buildings - @Quaternius https://twitter.com/quaternius
volu font - Jupiter Hadley
hotdog - poly by google
hot dog man / stand - Estella Tse & Brittany Mennuti
light switch - Jarlan Perez
doorway - sciman101
xylophone sounds - Bond Miller

Install instructions

supports controllers (the best way to play)


Hot Dog Dreamer - Windows 13 MB
Hot Dog Dreamer - OSX 25 MB
Hot Dog Dreamer - Linux 16 MB


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This is a weird game and I love it. Here's a video I made with my gameplay (sorry about any lag) and some of my thoughts about the game. 

What the hell is this game!? This is fantastic. Who doesn't like hotdogs??

Honestly this game was really fun to play and please, send me all the hot dogs you have because I to need hot dogs in my dreams but seriously, this game was a blast. I don't really have anything negative to say about the game. Your game is first in the video.

Hi, Thanks for making this game, I've made you a video

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I had alot of fun but my recording software ( for the fist time glitched out) but I put it up any way it was alot of fun seen my face expresions


Oh hey, I just discovered this today, thanks for using that doorway model! Didn't expect anyone to actually use it for a project, or something

great door 10/10

seriously though I'm terrible at 3d art, so your work made this possible!  thank you.  Working on those modelling skills as I type

I had wayyy too much fun with this one! Awesome job! The talking hot dog dude put me in such a good mood!

Cool! thanks for playing

If you like hot dogs well this is the game for you. Hot dogs, Talking hot dogs serving hot dogs, golden hot dogs, massive hot dogs and your naked, so even your own hot dog !!!

Plays well and great sound. A fun play. Well done... :)

Nice!  Thanks for playin'


The absolute BEST hot dog dream simulator I have ever played.


Thanks!  Glad you liked it.


Loved the game its exactly what i look yo play on my channel sorry for my bad voice over in advance xD.


An entertaining game that made me hungry for a hot dog!

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A GAME ABOUT HOT DOGS?!? I'M GONNA HAVE TO CHECK TO SEE IF I HAVE DIABETES AFTER THIS ONE! In all seriousness though, nice job. I laughed the entire way through!

I uhh Dreamed about weiners the very next night. DONT JUDGE ME OKAY?

Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

Nice game

Nice Fun short Game, good work lads.

Mate This is sick! Really loved playing it! Looking  for more in Future :)

Quality Game. #Hotdoglyfe #Heytherebeautifulpeople ;3 <3


beautiful..... just simply beautiful...... #HotDogJam2018 #HotDogLessons4Life

This was a really fun game to play.  Really short, but I had a good time playing through it.  Keep up the good work!


Loved the game made me laugh lol, I loved the art style and it was nice a quick good job.


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Is this a dream or reality?!?! 

Great aesthetic

Absolute paradise. I'm more of a cheeseburger guy, myself. This was awesome! Super fun short little game. I liked the talkie noises that the hot dog man made!

Well, this...this certainly was a thing XD And now I want hot dogs...

I covered your game for my channel. I hope it helps! Making the thumbnail didn't >< I got hungrier and STILL have yet to eat a hot dog...

This may be a tad disturbing...

I feel like this is some weird out of body experience I just played... 

mmmmmmm..... hot dogs....

What an amazingly weird game... great work!

lel my video:


Officially made my journey to the Great Beyond.

Such a strange game! But still quite enjoyable :D  Is it based on a true dream? No judgment just curious!

This game taught me a lot about myself and life in general. 

I'm glad it could prove itself useful for you :)


well, I have no idea what I stumbled upon... this is so random but it was very enjoyable, I want to know why he is so into hot dogs, and does everyone else dream that they're always naked too? lol. I thought the game was fun and silly, making it to hot dog heavn was really the peak of my life haha, at some points I felt like I was moving the mouse and then it would just go crazy, but it kind of added to the craziness, but I really liked the part with the switch and wish more games had something like that in them. I look forward to seeing what else you'll do in the future :)


Happy you enjoyed it!  Thanks for the play and the vid, cheers!

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Well, this was an experience that's for sure. Impressive for 72 hours.

Thanks for playing!

Such a fun game. had a blast playing it.  I didn't expect a game made in 72 hours to be this fun :) 

I made a video on it. Hope you like it :D

Thanks for playing & makin' the vid.  Cheers!

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