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my entry to "A Game By It's Cover Jam 2017"

based on the cover Hell, with the FOSS and "Fuck this jam" diversifier challenges (make a game in a genre you don't like).

Hell is a short point & click walking simulator.  It can be played in less than 5 minutes.

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thanks to 

Bond Miller - Audio Director

Benjamin Miller  - Graciously provided us with clips of his music  https://livingrecords.bandcamp.com/

The New York Public Library

for full credits see credits.txt download


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Hell - OSX 35 MB
Hell - Windows 22 MB
Source Files for Godot (diversifier challenge) 19 MB
credits.txt 1 kB


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I loved your game. Great aesthetics and sound design. Greetings from Argentina.

By the way, I noticed that in the submission for the jam you wrote that you released the source code "under a free license." What license did you choose? MIT (the same as Godot), GPL or another license?

I'm not up on liscenses so none in particular.  the source code is available for download and you're free to look at it it or use it, just not use my art assets basically


this game reminded me of another game that is currently released. check out my review and thoughts here

Very engagingly written, and I enjoyed the surrealist transitions and black-and-white graphics!


That was great, thank you. I enjoyed the sense of humor.

Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed it.


What an eerie experience. Great game! :)


GG ^_^ i hope you would add another ending ..  


I love this game.


Hello! I loved your game, it was amazingly surreal and had an interesting little story to it as well as being really creative! I made a let's play of your game here~


This was great! Very atmospheric. Also the thing at the end was the first jump scare I remember feeling that was entirely due to player action.


I really loved this!!! :D


I tried this out because the art style and concept looked cool, and over all I thought it was pretty good. It was really small in scope, and I would have love to see more, but overall not bad to play for a couple of minutes. I hope you bring out something similar with a little more content in the future. I also loved a lot of the jokes you put in (Like starting with 0 hp)!

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Thanks!  Definitely ended up being a "style over substance" affair.   I definitely like to have little bits of humor among darkness & mystery :)  Kind of struggling with my next project right now... but hell I struggled with this one too!


That was a really interesting game! I honestly really enjoyed it. 


Thanks for playing Cyberwolf!  I'm glad you liked it :)


hey dude! played your game and it was honestly quite interesting!


Thank you so much for playing!  I really appreciate all the attention Hell has gotten, and am totally flattered you've made a video!


hey there! sorry for the late response! i really found it interesting, the simple monochromatic graphics and the sound made it have an interesting feel and a deep sense of... overwhelment (per se) i mean, it really felt like another world, and that sells a lot, i really do hope you keep doing stuff like this, or you push another theme to the correct feel it should have, like this one, you got a nice sense for game design, and I hope it gets as apreciated as i feel it should later in the future. keep being awesome.

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Thanks for the kind words, they really do mean a lot to me.  I definitely have some lofty ambitions and hope I get to really experiment (and I hope I can get funding so I can bring some weird games into the world).    That said, you may be disappointed at some of my releases!  The truth is I'm still a novice programmer and have a lot of learning to do!  So with every game I release right now, I'm trying different concepts, practicing different skills.  Some of these may be simple, dumb games, or more or less artistically ambitious but I will always strive to create stuff I can be proud of.  Thanks again!  Make sure to follow me on here and twitter etc :)


I actually really enjoyed this, even though it was a little light on story. Good one.

Thank you for playing & making a video!   A very entertaining playthrough !  I definitely wanted to have a longer/larger game and tie in more items, alternate paths, etc, but DEADLINES!  :p  Keep an eye out for future stuff.  

Shall do! Glad you enjoyed the vid!

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Wow this game is awesome! Really old school and brings me back to the Macintosh days. Love the music and the weird happenings. I'm still wondering who the pianist lady in the elevator might be. Look forward to your next games ahintoflime!

Ah, you made a video? I'm flattered!  I'm glad you enjoyed some of the mystery :)  Thanks for playing.


You are welcome! Thanks again for making the game!

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Really neat game! I probably did somethings I shouldn't have as I finished the game in about 10 minutes... Still enjoyed it! Reminded me of the MacVenture games!

EDIT: oh wait i just read the description... can be beat in under 5 minutes... hahahaha

Trust me, with the amount of work I put in, I thought the game would be longer too!  But you can beat it in under 2 min if you know what you're doing! :p  I'm glad you liked it, it was definitely inspired by some of those old mac games.  


Loved every second! Would love to know more about Hell OS. Keep up!

Thank you! Keep an eye out, I'm just getting started.


Aethestically, mechanically, sonically; this game is everything I crave.

I'm glad you liked it-- thanks for playing!  


This is a neat game. Give it 10/10.

Thank you AOSwifty! Glad you liked it.  Keep an eye out, more weird games on the horizon.