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I like the game, at least from the pictures. However, when I try to run it on my machine, there are some problems with the grass textures. They appear weird and black from certain angles/distances. Would you like me to take a screenshot and give system specifications?

What are your specs?  I have had this happen before on a computer with integrated graphics (no dedicated GPU).  

I am playing on a laptop, indeed with an integrated graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 7600M series). My other specs are an intel core i7-3610M CPU, 2.30GHz, 8gb of RAM, 64 bits windows 10.
I will give it a go on my desktop. That does not have an integrated graphics card, so might be a quick fix :)

It was much better on my desktop.


Игра очень понравилась :) Жду обновлений.

I like this game and would love to see more like it

I had some problems with falling into water however,

the first time  fell off the bridge into the water and I was respawned in an endless loop of falling into the water.

the second time I fell off the cliff an landed on the rock at the bottom,  couldn't get away from this place then because the only way to go was into the sea and be respawned back at the bottom of the cliff.

Thanks for the feedback!  The respawn system was really hastily implemented, this will absolutely be improved on the next release. thanks for playing :)


i really like this game. it's a good one to play


Thanks!  there will be more to come!


i'm excited